Who We Are?

Our Mission

  • To affordably supply consultancy to organizations, parents, students and guardian intending to study abroad.

Our Vision

  • To be the leading global provider of education consultancy in Malawi and surrounding countries.




Archivements and track record

Since its inception in 2005, Rockingham Consultancy has managed to:

  •  Send students to Australia and UK.
  • Managed to successfully arrange student visas for the students going to study.
  • Managed to arrange visiting visa for parents who went to attend graduations for their children.
  • Managed to do school visits with official from visiting universities,
  • Managed to conduct successful student recruitments in hotels.

Our Core Values

Integrity – We execute our business with utmost honesty and professionalism, leaving no room for fraud knowing there a lot of tricksters in the world

Customer Focus – Customer needs are principal and priority within our business. Thus, we treat all our customers; big and small, with the same respect and service.  We therefore strive to understand current customer needs, meet their requirements and also strive to exceed their expectations.

Resourceful – We have the best human resource that is creative and innovative in coming up with ways of meeting customer requirements

Responsible and Passionate – We take responsibility, commitment and leadership for every student recruitment we conduct.